• Technical Teaching Equipments
  • Energy
  • Space

Technical Teaching Equipments

Aeolus offers variety of technical teaching equipments which can fulfil the requirements of R&D activities and academic institutions. Our smart lab equipments employ versatile data acquisition platforms and remote access/monitoring technologies. Our Technical equipments such as subsonic wind tunnels, Compressor and engine test rigs are used in India's leading academic and research institutes. We are providing technical teaching equipments for the following fields.

  • Aerodynamics
  • Propulsion
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Airframe
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aero engine and Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Fluid mechanics and Machinery
  • Thermodynamic and Heat Transfer
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • 8-12 grade Science Equipments


Aeolus Aero Tech excels in developing new technologies and products in the field of Hybrid Energy Sector. AAT has pioneered research and development in a variety of technologies in the small wind sector. We have also used our technology base and expertise to develop new innovative products for our clients in multiple energy sectors. Some of our Products are

  • ENS500-500w Straight blade VAWT
  • ENT500-500w Twisted blade VAWT
  • ENS1000-1000w Straight blade VAWT
  • ENT1000-1000w Twisted blade VAWT
  • HS100-100W Hybrid street light system


Aeolus AeroTech takes a step forward in space sector with its world class space products and services. Our cubesat and nano satellite components help to fabricate top class satellites with minimum cost and duration. Our state of art Training kits enables students and technicians to learn and experiment the fundamentals of Satellite Systems. We develop satellite training and experimental modules which helps to explain and understand advanced aerospace concepts easily. Some of our Space Products are

  • ADCS Training Module
  • OBC Trainer Kit
  • EPS Training Module
  • Satellite Heat pipes
  • Magnetic Torque Rods