About Us

AAT is headquartered in Bangalore with a dedicated international focus, providing advanced aerospace laboratory instruments, energy products & services and space products in the global academic, commercial, and scientific sectors. Innovation in action is the key for our growth. The Energy division excels in developing new technologies and products in the field of Hybrid Energy Sector and has pioneered research and development in a variety of technologies in the small wind sector and hydro turbines. The Aerospace Division dedicated in the design and development of small satellite (CubeSat/Nanosat) category and provides highly integrated subsystems and a strong multidisciplinary technical team with specialization in space systems engineering. The Lab Equipments Division offers variety of equipments which fulfill the requirements of R&D activities and academic institutions. Aeolus now provides access to International Space Station to researchers in India for doing microgravity experiments through mutual partnership with the Space Tango, Inc. headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. At Aeolus- We believe Engineering Ideas into Products

Our Associates

Space Tango Inc., is a Kentucky based space company which utilizes the unique environment of microgravity to discover, design and commercialize solutions for applications of earth. Space Tango is the technology partner of Aeolus Aero Tech. For more info about space tango, Visit www.spacetango.com

'Resources International, Inc.' (its associates & subsidiaries) Lexington, USA collaborates with and offers a number of business management services, including world-wide marketing, certain back-office Processes, IT services, etc. for its business associates, at a nominal and affordable cost. Resource International is an authorized marketing partner of Aeolus AeroTech.